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ISSUE QUERYING ATTRIBUTE VALUE (with value type Enumeration Sets)

Question asked by Lorenzo.Brescia on Jan 31, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by gregor



I am having issues querying the value of an attribute which is linked to an enumeration set in AF.


I copy the query that actually gives back the field s.Value (SNAPSHOT VALUE) empty in this case.


Version:1.0 StartHTML:00000097 EndHTML:00006489 StartFragment:00000199 EndFragment:00006451 select h2.Path,h2.Name as Resource,h1.Name as Department, es.Name as EnumerationSetName, e.Name as ElementName, ea.Path as AttributePath, ea.Name as AttributeName, ea.Description as AttributeDescription, ev.Name as Stringa, s.Value
from [VE-Lighthouse_TEST].[Asset].[ElementAttribute] ea 
inner join [VE-Lighthouse_TEST].[Asset].[EnumerationSet] es on es.ID = ea .EnumerationSetID
inner join [VE-Lighthouse_TEST].[Asset].[EnumerationValue] ev on ea.EnumerationSetID = ev .EnumerationSetID
inner  join  [VE-Lighthouse_TEST].[Asset].[ElementHierarchy] h  on h .ElementID =ea.ElementID
inner  join  [VE-Lighthouse_TEST].[Asset].[ElementHierarchy] h1 on h1.ElementID = h.ParentElementID
inner  join  [VE-Lighthouse_TEST].[Asset].[ElementHierarchy] h2 on h2.ElementID = h1.ParentElementID
inner join [VE-Lighthouse_TEST].[Asset].[Element] e on e.ID = ea.ElementID
inner  join  [VE-Lighthouse_TEST].[Data].[Snapshot] s  ON ea .ID  = s .ElementAttributeID 
WHERE ea.Name = 'enumertionSetDenominatoreNullo'
Option (embed errors, force order)


I would like the query to give back only the value that the attribute shows in that exact moment. On the contrary, it seems like the value of the attribute I filter by is empty!


Do you have any idea why?


Thank you in advance