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Excluded attributes wreck my whole Processbook symbol

Question asked by tommm on Jan 31, 2020

So I've made a symbol in Processbook and I've assigned that symbol to a template. When I drag and drop most of the element's built off that template things work fine, but, in some elements I've excluded some attributes that are displayed in the symbol. 


At first when I dragged those on to the screen all of the values in that symbol were referenced to the element I built my template off. I fixed that problem by ungrouping all the individual elements in the symbol and then regrouping the whole thing but I'm not really sure why that fixed it.


My trends still dont really work though. If theres one trended attribute that is excluded then all of the data in said trend will be for the element that I originally built the symbol off.


So I guess my question is, is there any way that I can exclude attributes I dont want to see on my symbols?

Clarification on any other points would also be good too.