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How to introduce snapshot data?

Question asked by RicardoNunez on Jan 31, 2020



We want to practice the "Exception / Compression" tag settings in a PI to PI configuration, at least in the destination point. For that, we want to introduce data the source PI archive and read it through the PI to PI. In the destination tag, we set some configuration and import them, we delete the tag, re-create it and re-import the data again.


What it seems it that the compression is not applied for the archive data, right?


So at the end, I'm introducing data with the PowerShell AddPIValue Class , but it looks like the compression is not applied (again). We run something like: Add-PIValue -PointName PointName -Value Value -Connection $con. So the timestamps are recent times. Does it just introduce archived data?


Do the following interfaces introduce snapshot data?