Disconnect from PI server after importing data into excel keeping data fetched intact

Discussion created by harishsvs on Feb 5, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by pwedziuk

Hi all,


I have an excel model which imports lots of data from PI. However every time i save the file or make changes the model keeps trying to import the same data even when i dont want it to. Is there a way i can import data from PI into excel one time and then de-link the same from PI for future use. Important to note is i have thousands of tags fetching data from PI and cannot manually paste values in these cells once imported. I am looking for a way to disconnect from PI while keeping the last fetched value intact. Usually if i dont give login credentials in the model, the cells where formulae are written for fetching data show error and values are gone. 


Really appreciate if anyone can help me resolve this. 


Thanks !