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PI AF Point data reference, what is the best method for me?

Question asked by BenDupuis on Feb 7, 2020
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At the plant I'm working at, we are using a naming convention to name the PI tags in our PI Server. We have a lot of process data coming from different instruments. Our naming convention looks like this for an instrument:

XXX-TI-YYYY.PV where XXX is the process area code and YYYY is the instrument loop code.


I want to start building our PI AF structure so we can start using the analysis service to perform calculations and event frames. I was wondering what is the best way to reference my Tags to the Attributes in my Elements. I've read the Guide to Substitution Syntax for Data References in PI AF and PI Event Frames that I found somewhere on the OSIsoft site but I am still not sure what route would be the best for my plant.


I don't want to name my Elements by their Equipment codes because I want it to be easy for the users to read (I prefer "Tank #1" to "123-TK-01" for example). I also want to name my Attributes something easy to read like "Temperature A".


So far, I went with the Table LookUp method where I have a child Attribute that looks up the PI tag name in a table and the parent Attribute that use this PI tag as the Reference. I'm not really sure to know the benefits of using a table vs manually writting the PI Point in the Data Reference of the Attributes (I still have to manually write the tag name in the table anyway).


Attached is what I have so far.


Thank you for helping me finding the best method to organize my Data References.