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Creating a counter to display wasted energy$

Question asked by cameronnnovak92 on Feb 7, 2020

I have an analysis template created that compares how many times a vacuum pump is turned on without any material flow detected over the last hour. The output is a pi tag called "efficiency ratio" which is a percentage to see how efficient our vacuum pumps are running and identify if their vacuum call switches have been bypassed or not. 


Now, I want to assign a cost to this analysis by 1) using this formula ((ampsxvoltsxPFx1.73)/1000 x hrs. x $.075/kWh) and 2) create a counter that starts from midnight dec 31, 2019 and continues to add the last hours cost to the previous value until midnight dec 31, 2020 


ex.  hour1 EfficiencyRatio=70    Cost=$.25     TotalCost=$.25

       hour2 EfficiencyRatio=75    Cost=$.75     TotalCost=$1.00

Below is the analysis to generate the Efficiency Ratio