PI Development Selection Tool

Discussion created by trosad on Feb 5, 2020
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Hi everyone. My name is Daniel Trosa and I am a Software Co-Op at Corning Inc. I am currently developing an app which will serve as a tool to aid users and developers to gain an idea as to what PI technology (PI AFSDK, PI SQL Client, PI Web API) they should use for their projects. Based on certain selection criteria I have gathered from other users in my company, the app will measure things such as speed, ease of use, and ease of install/implementation. It will then compare the technologies' performances for the selected criteria and then tell the user what is suggested. It will also take in as input what language the user is looking to develop in, and the app will output starting code for that best technology in that chosen language. I just wanted to let people know that this is something that we are doing to see if anyone had any comments or questions that could aid in my work. Thanks!