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Report date PItag increases

Question asked by GDKennedy on Feb 10, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by GDKennedy

I am trying to configure a AF analysis that will find the first time the tag starts to increase.   For example I am looking at level transmitters and I need to report the date and time that the tag goes from a value typically less than 10 inches to state the tank is filling.  So if filling of the tank began today at 11:03 AM that is the date and time I need to report.  


I can get it to work somewhat now with this equation

If PrevVal('LT-9132.PV','*-300h') <= 10 and TagVal('LT-9132.PV','*')>=15 Then FindLE('LT-9132.PV','*-160h','*',10) Else NoOutput()

But unfortunately it is looking at a date previous to the low value.  To clarify the low was reported on 2/4/2020 06:25 AM and the first time the transmitter reported a value greater than 15 it reported 2/4/2020 04:18 AM.   I need it to look ahead the value should be 2/4/2020 09:26 AM


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