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    WPF in ProcessBook Object\ActiveX


      Hi everybody,


      I have got a problem which is really driving me nuts. I have developed a WPF UserControl to show contour lines of a 3D trend.


      It should show a typical diagram for a Reservoir Level-Water Flow-Generated Power characteristics of an Hydro turbine. Then it should mark the point depending on the values coming from PI.


      Until here everything goes fine... I used WPF and that really helped me a lot as I could easily get 3D from Excel and draw the contour lines in the canvas.


      Then I added a public method in order to get the current Water Flow and Reservoir Level coming from outside (from ProcessBook):




      Now I would like to embed it within an ActiveX and use it as a control in ProcessBook.


      The ActiveX should have:

      • a property to get the path of the Excel File for the 3D data
      • a method which should be called from a ProcessBook XYValue object on update and set the Water Flow and Reservoir Level of the current conditions

      Has anybody had experience with turning a WPF control into an ActiveX control.


      I found a lot of info in the web, but it is somehow inconsistent and\or not resulting.


      I would like to avoid the docking window solution as this the project is not supposed to be an Add-In, but a control to add to specific displays.




      Thank you in advance,