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Questionable Flag in Datalink - Compressed Data

Question asked by cookaj on Feb 12, 2020

I'm trying to populate the Questionable Flag in datalink for archived data that is shown in 30 minute intervals.  Every so often the communication to a device is stopped unexpectedly and to avoid confusion on if the data points are valid or not, I'm trying to have the flag pop up in the column to the right automatically. 


In the attachment you can better see what I'm trying to do.  There is a defined start time (30 min intervals) and then 1 value is being brought back for each interval.  I have checked off the "Show value attributes" box to bring back the Q flag in the column to the right, but the only problem with this is that I need to select each cell in column B and click on "Apply" in the Compressed Data window for the "Q" to populate.  The ctrl+alt+F9 (full calculate) will not populate the flag.


Is there a way to populate this flag without going into building a Macro?  Will a Macro be able to handle what I'm trying to do by somehow generating the "Recalculate (Resize) Function" or the "apply" on the compressed data window?


Thank you in advance.