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Is it possible to store data in PI by backdating it?

Question asked by sgujje on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by jyi

We want to store some data that is entered manually on a sql data source on to PI historian. Sometimes, this data entry occurs later than the actual generation time, so the data collection time is 2-3 days after the actual recorded time. When the PI Users do the sampled data query for this information, right data is shown only from the date of data entry but not the actual date when the data is generated. Is there any setting in PI to enable the data populated with backdate?


For ex: Tank volume changes once in a month. Latest tank volume change was on 05Feb2020 from 200 Liters to 250 Liters. But this data was entered SQL 5 days later on 10Feb2020. But, when PI Data users search for the data, new tank volume should be effective right from 05Feb2020 instead of 10Feb2020.