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Asset Context Switching in Pi Vision 2017R2

Question asked by Shchurd on Feb 18, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Asle Frantzen

Hey All,


In AF I have a template, and a child template.  I have a Pi Vision Screen that corresponds to assets assigned to the parent template.  I notice that in the asset context switching dropdown (show assets of the same type), the assets from the parent and child template are both included in the dropdown.  When I switch to an element from the child asset, the dropdown updates to only assets of the child template.


My preference would be that the asset context switching only includes assets from the same template and not any child templates.  I tried using the search assets function but that didn't work for me either.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  Is this behaviour the same in Pi Vision 2019?  I suppose a possible workaround would be to create another child template with no modifications from the parent template including only the circuits I want.