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Secondary PI Server as a default server to connect from an application

Question asked by RameshReddyAlavala on Feb 16, 2020
Latest reply on May 20, 2020 by RameshReddyAlavala

We have an MES application which connects to PI Data Archive Collective through PI OPC HDA Server and reads data every minute for at least 5000 tags. By default entire organization's data requests hits the primary server and the load on PI server is increasing drastically. Load on our secondary server is comparatively less. We would like redirect our application calls to Secondary PI server and incase if the Secondary PI server is unavailable, application requests should automatically redirect to Primary PI Server.


Current Workaround used: As of now we have redirected the calls to Secondary PI server by putting the Priority as 1 for Secondary PI Server and -1 for Primary PI server. Now all the call are hitting Secondary PI Server. PFA Collective Member Setup screenshot.


Issue with the above Workaround: In case the Secondary PI Server is down, then the calls are not getting redirected to Primary PI Server and the application is not able to get process data.


Is there any best possible solution for this issue?