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Question asked by Omar_Sanchez_TOYOTA on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2020 by Omar_Sanchez_TOYOTA

Dear members of OSIsoft community, let me ask a question regarding the error “PI POINT NOT FOUND” after creating an analysis template and therefore, output attributes with a saved history.

This message appears for every Attribute and for every Element which use the Element and Analysis Template à Point not found 'BASE A.Prov_Status.2ae7ef7c-c787-5384-3ed5-ba28168b09e3'.          

The most curios thing is this attribute used to work for every element, but currently it is not working anymore. The recent and integrated novelties in PI System are:

  • The integration of a new Analysis (2) in the same template. This analysis uses the output attribute of the mentioned analysis as a main input. We are going to call Analysis 1 the first set of equations whose result is an input to the Analysis (2).
  • The Analysis 1, which had been working, only uses past values of different Tags.
  • The Analysis 2 uses the values from the Tag linked to the Output Attribute, according to different consecutive timestamps (‘*-1’, ‘*’, ‘*+1’, ‘*+2’, …), so we can affirm that it is using future values, but my purpose is to run periodically this analysis after gathering all the data from raw measured Tags. Therefore, the “future values” are actually “past values”.  Let’s observe an example where YStatus0 = ‘*’ , YStatus1 = ‘*+1m’ , … respectively.


If YStatus0 <> YStatus1 then

If (

   YStatus1 = YStatus2 And

   YStatus1 = YStatus3 And

   YStatus1 = YStatus4 )

     then 0

     else 1

else 0


Concurrently, IS Department is upgrading the PI Server but they have ensured me that there is no problem, related to retrieve data from PI Points,  expected until the next step.

I would like to ask you if you think that both reasons (upgrade of the server / the creation of a new analysis which is using future values, but actually when it comes to run the analysis, these values have already been recorded in the Tags).

Whatever suggestion or comment will be welcome.

Thanks for your time,