Continuous Sampled Data in Excel - Error and Help?

Discussion created by johnflaherty on Feb 20, 2020
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Hi Everyone,


I'm currently developing a set of workbooks to calculate run hours and starts for different pieces of equipment at our plants.  I've been formatting my spreadsheets the same way for years, so I'm not sure what's changed to give me an error, but I've been getting this error when I try to update the values:




Normally I use references and set my cells up like this:



In this case, the "start" date is a fixed date; and the "end" date is the "today" function in Excel, so it updates daily.  Obviously this creates an issue because every day I have 24 more data points added to my array, so I need to re-run the data pull to adjust the size of the array.  When I re-run the data, I get the error I posted above.


Some troubleshooting I've done so far, it seems to be an issue with the references to the "end" and "interval" data cells.  If I type "today" in the pop-out toolbar's end time and type "1h" in the time interval, it pulls the data no problems.  If either of these inputs is a reference to the cells in the workbook, I get the error.  I don't get the error referencing a cell for the PI tag or the start time.


Also, I read a few strings that referenced a way to make the array length dynamic, so that I wouldn't need to go in and re-run the data pull every day when the date changes, but they referenced other pages that have since been taken down.  Can anyone offer some help in that regard?