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Problem with  exception deviation

Question asked by ttempczyk on Feb 21, 2020
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I have a problem with exception deviation and i`m not completly sure if I understand how does it work. 

So i have created a test tag in PLC which value is changing from 90 to 91, and again to 90 every 5 seconds. Then I created PI point with parameters shown in 1.png. The trend created from this PI point is on 2.png. A here is the problem. If the value is 90 or 91, and the ExcDev is set to 5, shouldn`t it ignore the changes? Ive watched the video 3.png and as far I understand it at the beginning I had value 90. When it changed to 91 it wasn`t an exception value, so it shouldnt be archived. At this case when the value is changing under range of excdev it should store the value only every 30 seconds because of the ExMax time, am I correct?