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Problems related PI AF Analysis calculation not reflecting on attribute

Question asked by KaustubhNilegaonkar on Feb 29, 2020

Hello Experts ,


We are facing a problem related to PI AF Analysis calculations , where analysis output (both in roll up as well as expression) is not reflecting correctly and timely on attribute. We are getting expected results once we evaluate the analysis however same result is not getting updated on attribute. In some cases we are getting " calculation failure " as well as on attribute. 


Calculations are taking inputs from actual PI data or PI Analysis data reference from dependent analysis. In some cases, analysis calculations are taking inputs from AF table as well. Rollup analysis output is considered as PI Tag.


We would like understand the cause root for the same and possible solutions to be considered.


Below are specifications ,

1)PI AF Server v2016 and above

2)Analysis server and AF server on same machine.

3)All Analysis are configured as periodic with interval of 5 Sec


I also request your answers for below are quick questions apart from above


1) Can we calculate no of permissible AF analysis with above specification in order to check performance of PI AF Analysis server


2) We sometime found circular reference in rollup analysis so what could be possible reasons.


3) We are getting intermittently calc failed error during backfilling of PI points which are referred in PI AF analysis. 


4) When we are using event triggered scheduling in analysis , where inputs of this analysis are output from different analysis,, the value never reflects in attributes.


4)Regarding event triggered scheduling in analysis , we are facing an issues that " value never reflects in attributes " for given analysis ( analysis A) it is configured. This analysis A is taking calculations inputs from different analysis B running separately.


Thank you


Best Regards