Equipment Runtime Calculations

Discussion created by ScottRein on Feb 28, 2020

I'm looking for assistance on calculating the number of starts for various pieces of equipment and due to some IT restrictions I'm unable to use the Pump Condition example kit to see how they achieve exactly what I'm looking for.  Essentially I just need the data (variables/formulats/outputs) from the analyses in this Example Kit that I'm unable to view. 


Given the following inputs, can you help with setting up my CBM Runtime Data?


Pump1A = Element Name

RunStatus = Digital Status from PI Point returning 1 (running) or 0 (off)

LastMaintenance = Manually updated String Attribute


I would like to be able to show:


Runtime (hours) and Starts since *-'LastMaintenance'

Runtime (hours) and Starts from current time - 6months


Building up from this, I would compare redundant equipment in a system for unbalance operation (Pump1A vs Pump1B) and decision making for CBM.


Thank you for your help!


- Scott