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PI API Buffer Server

Question asked by Sumra on Feb 27, 2020
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Recently I configured API buffering (buffering through Buffer Server) in one of the Interface Node. I understand that API buffering is legacy and not recommended but since the OPC Interface resides in the Control System Network so we cannot change/update anything there. Initially I was getting error: Cannot open Primary shared memory buffer. But after editing the PIClient.ini file along with providing necessary permission to the Service account, the issue was resolved and the error was not repeated then after. But since I was in production environment, I did not test the buffering by disabling or removing PI Server from the Network. My question is: Is there a way I can test and ensure that the API Buffering I configured is working 100 percent without scheduling any downtime for PI Server. Can 'APIBE' program in Network Manger Statistics provide me this confirmation. I can see BytesSend for 'APIBE' increases with every refresh, but BytesSend for the OPC Interface (which resides in the same node) is not much high. So I am quite confused. If there is any better way to test whether API buffering is working or not, please let me know.