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Move Child Event Frames

Question asked by Bart on Feb 27, 2020
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I would like to move an existing event frame (A) as a child to an other event frame (B) with AFSDK.

If I add the existing event frame (A) to the new parent (B), only a reference is made to the event frame (A).

Then, I would have to delete the original event frame reference… And this is where I'm stuck...


Within the PI System Explorer, it is possible:

You can add a reference in an event frame (B) to an event-frame (A).

Than, you can delete the original event-frame by clicking the option 'only delete this reference to the object'.

After checking in, the event frame B has a child event-frame A.


How can I perform this behavior within AFSDK? The whole PI System Explorer is based on AFSDK, so it should be possible, right?