Create Processbook trend from values in an array

Discussion created by Aantje on Oct 15, 2012
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Hi everybody!




I'm trying to create a trend in processbook from values that are stored in an array (this array is read from a PI tag. I read this tag in the VBA code from my processbook).


My array is filled as follows:


g_splittedValue(0) = "17.10.2012 14:00" 


g_splittedValue(1) = "290"




g_splittedValue(2) = "17.10.2012 14:15" 


g_splittedValue(3) = "295"


g_splittedValue(4) = "17.10.2012 14:30" 


g_splittedValue(5) = "297"


g_splittedValue(6) = "17.10.2012 14:45" 


g_splittedValue(7) = "298"

As you can see, the array first shows a timestamp (in the future), with the corresponding value.
But now I want to create a trend in Processbook, but I've got no idea to proceed.
Any ideas?
Greetings, Arie