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How can I generate EFs having names corresponding to the values of an attribute if there is no value when some events start?

Question asked by LucasW88 on Mar 3, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2020 by LucasW88

Hi, I am trying to make event frames that thier names are Event_ID values by setting the naming pattern of my EF Template.


I used the following naming pattern:     %@.\Elements[.]|Event_ID%

However, my EFs had incorrect names in some cases.


For example, in the below trend graph, an event starts when the blue value is 1 and ends when the blue value is 0. And yellow values represent Event_ID. So, if the name of the first EF is 663, then the name of the second EF shall be 664, and so on.

However, it showed that both the name of the first and second EFs is 663, and the name of the third EF is 665.



It seems that it gives incorrect names because the Event_ID attribute has a value only when an event ends.


To fix it, I created the following expression analysis:  Ceiling('BLUE VALUE' * 0 + 'YELLOW VALUE').

It was to make a tag that represents a stair-like graph of the EventID with the time stamp set of BLUE VALUES.

However, the analysis output was the RED VALUEs in the above graph. ( The output become bigger at the middle of two measuring points of EVENT_ID.) Even the analysis gives the same result without Ceiling function.


How can I handle the problem?