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Unable to find PiSqlDasAutoConfig.log file path

Question asked by Manasapeddineedi on Mar 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by Manasapeddineedi

Hi Team,


We have an issue with Java application while connecting with PI serve, but we were able to connect to the PI server from application intermittently. For example,if this application is trying to communicate with pi server for every 5 minutes and getting snapshot values for few tags. Its able to connect to PI server for 1 iteration out of 5 iterations.


We tried checking PiSqlDasAutoConfig.log but couldn't able to find the file location. can anybody please help us to find out this log file to perform the work around mentioned in live library document.



java.sql.SQLException: [PI SQL DAS gSOAP Channel] Error observed by underlying BIO: No such file or directory

Details: SSL connect failed in tcp_connect()