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PI Connector for UFL Troubleshooting (Output of Print command and Incremental timestamp for new CSV rows?

Question asked by Shafqat_Iqbal on Mar 5, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by Shafqat_Iqbal

Hello Everyone, 


I'm having some trouble in reading Batch CSVs and storing data in PI Points. 

The requirement is, i want to store all the tag values of a single row with same timestamp and the values of next row with next timestamp and vice versa.


The problem is, i don't have timestamp in my CSV and i want to use NOW() function for timestamp which should be same for one row and would increment for next rows. I don't have any idea, how to do it.


Also i can't find the Logs of PI Connector for UFL and the result of Print Command. Its not available in Windows events. 


Last question is, How does the FOREACH (getcsvitem, "seperator") function iterates? Does it iterate row wise or column wise? 


Looking for your expert opinions and workarounds.