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Continuous Event Frame With True For Trigger (or adjusted start time)

Question asked by Jordan_Sellers on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2020 by sraposo

I'm trying to create an event frame that opens when a tank is filled and closes when the tank is filled again (then another EF opens).  I can achieve a basic example of this by using a separate "tank fill" trigger attribute and using a step-continuous event frame.  However, the tank data is very noisy and infrequent so it takes 2 days of data in order to accurately determine if the tank has truly filled to not get any false positive triggers.   


I cannot figure out how to have both a continuous event frame as well as have the start time back at the beginning of the 2 days of data.  If I use an explicit trigger, I can configure the start trigger with true for to get the EF to start when I want, but there's no way to close it from the same start trigger (when the tank fills again) that I can tell.  If I reconfigure the trigger to work with step-continuous, then I don't have a way to back up the start time.  I can configure a separate trigger analysis to output a timestamp '*-2d' and get the event frames to work if I back-fill, but they will not work in real time.


Is it possible to do this?