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Automate Backfilling via HDA for OPC DA Tags

Question asked by UKullmann on Mar 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by gmichaud-verreault



Doens anybody has a good idea how to backfill Pi DA using OPC HDA Interface for tags which get event normally via OPC DA?


Actually we have massive probs with the T3000 UA Server and Pi.

We use the UA Gateway to "downgrade" the UA Server to OPC HDA and OPC DA.

We do it because UA Connector doesn't work properly with the new T3000 structure.


Now, we are getting data via UA Gateway and OPC DA.

If connection breaks, we want to backfill Pi archive via OPC HDA, thua i have installed and configured HDA IF as well.


Manually, it works fine. I can backfill for a given timerange, but i want to automate this.


I tought to build an Analysis in AF to monitor a "health" tag, If timestamp freezes, this is my start trigger. If timestamp comes back, this would be my end trigger.

Now, how to inform HDA Interface to backfill that period?

Powershell script?


Has somebody done this already?