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PI AF ANALYSIS - TimeEq and TimeStamp issue

Question asked by Lorenzo.Brescia on Mar 4, 2020

Good morning I would like to ask two questions regarding two cases I am trying to solve.


The first one:

PROBLEM STATEMENT: find the number of hours since the first change of status of the item to "Running"

Assumptions: running = "Marcia"

status of the item = "statoPompa"

The issue is that in the evaluation of the last expression it fails to recognize the TimeEq function's timerange (I suppose). I inserted Variable1 (as you can se in the screenshot PROBLEM_1) as StartTime in the timerange since I want to evaluate the time in which the status is equal to "Marcia" from the moment it changed to "Marcia" to now. 


The second one:

PROBLEM STATEMENT: find the timestamp of the first time an item stopped working  

Assumptions: item not working = "Indisponibile"

status of the item = "statoPompa"


The issue in this case is that when there are two "Indisponibile" in sequence the analysis works fine and the result is the Timestamp of the first "Indisponibile", whereas when there are three "Indisponibile" in a row the analysis give the wrong result: in fact, the result is the second timestamp of the 3 records, or better put the second record's timestamp.


How can these analyses be fixed?


Thank you in advance