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PI webAPI: elements/getMultiple errors

Question asked by ChristopherWeh on Mar 5, 2020

Hello together,


I am using the getMultiple Method from the Element Controller (/piwebapi/help/controllers/element/actions/getmultiple). I am encountering a very strange error. When I am executing the GET request to an endpoint with multiple deviceWebIds I am getting an error saying the webId was not found. If I execute the same request for a second time, the correct data is returned. 


I was able to reproduce by restarting the piwebAPI. For me this looks like the first hit (which need to populate the cache) is causing the issue. In my case I had to use more than 10 webIds in the Request in order to provoke the error. All further requests hitting the cache are successful.


For me this looks like a bug or are there any suggestions in changing some tuning parameters in order to resolve these errors?