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Recommendation on the best interface to use

Question asked by Apurv on Mar 10, 2020
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Hey guys,


I am in a situation where I need to get data out of the PI Data Archive and into Excel for reporting purposes. PI DataLink is not something that is preferred. Currently, the way it's being done is to write a bunch of VBA code for an add-in and when someone selects a bunch of tags from a web interface, hits a key combination and drags it over to Excel, Excel populates the cells with the current values from the old database which is an Oracle database. Any ideas on how I could replicate this functionality in PI would be great. Installing an add-in is not out of the question, but having a separate tab for all the functions is the problem rather than it being automated. I'm not very knowledgeable about VBA or how it works but glossing over the code makes it seem like there is a lot of SQL code in the VBA code.