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How to produce a tank accumulator?

Question asked by Jbugman on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2020 by bdeslatte


I am wishing to setup (eventually as a server value, but for now in processbook) a simple tank accumulator.


Lets say I have a lube oil tank and I am concerned with sulphur. If I was doing this in excel, it would look something like this:


Volume of tank (1000m3 A) at Sulphur (B) of 5 ppm receives a volume (C) of 500m3 with a sulphur (D) of 22 ppm in one hour. (Each bolded letter is a separate pi tag)

In excel, the resulting tank has a volume of 1500 cubes with a sulphur of 10.66
This is calculated by:
((1000x5)+(500*22))/(1000+500) = ((5000)+(11000))/1500 = 10.66


You can then rinse and repeat

But how would i do this in PI? Also this is most likely better run every minute as the flow will often change as will the sulphur content.

Thank you