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Cached configuration values for PI Web API

Question asked by rdb6777 on Mar 19, 2020

I have had multiple instances in the last couple of weeks of either my PI Vision or AF Server PI Web API configurations disappearing. When I look at the PI Web API Admin log, I see events that say "Failed to retrieve configurations from the remote repository. Previously cached configuration values will be used. " These are load balanced servers and the connection that fails is the connection to AF Server service via the F5 virtual DNS. Based on the timing, it seems that whatever cached configuration values are being used are eventually expiring, at which point the PI Web API loses all configuration information for its AFServer connection. I find out that there is an issue either because there is no data in PI Vision or the PI Web API can't start after patching. When I go into the PI Web API configuration on the affected server, the Configuration store has retained no record of the AF Server connection. Once I reconfigure the API, the service starts and everything is fine. Another error I have seen, but not on all of the affected machines, is "The configurations restored from 'C:\ProgramData\OSIsoft\WebAPI\ConfigCachePrimary.json' don't match the remote provider context."

Has anyone else seen this issue or have any suggestions about what could be causing it?