PI RDBMS Connection to PI Server failed

Discussion created by C_Haas on Mar 19, 2020
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Hello together,


I have installed the PI ICU and PI Interface for RDBMS on a IPC. 


I have created an ODBC Data Source to a SQL table, running on the HMI of my machine and the connection to the database is running well.


Then I created an interface node from the RDBMSPI.bat_new file and configured it.

My host is and the used port is 5450.

If I run the telnet command, it is working. 


But if I run the batchfile of the interface, it stops after trying to connect to the PI Server:

"RDBMSPI RDBMSPI1 1 0> Error [2] connecting to PI Server
[2] Connection to server lost
piut_setservernode failed for host = ''"


I have attached screenshots of the ICU to this post.


Does anybody know, what reason can cause this problem?


Best regards and thank you in advance,