Error while trying to use AF Wrapper

Discussion created by izaias on Oct 18, 2012
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Hello guys,




I was trying to use the AF Wrapper example, but I got no success on it yet.


I did the build and imported the AF elements, all was looking fine, but when I open the example.PDI, I got the following errors:




#1 PI Processbook says that i got an error on connection with another PI tools, it says there is a authentication error and I should go to archive > PI Systems and try to log in again.


I logged in some times, but it still with the error.


But even with this error message, I can browse AF elements for example, the connection is fine.






#2 VBA error on executing this sub


(RefreshDisplay sub... at this line: ElemDesc.Contents = AFW.GetElementDescription(ERD.CurrentContext(ThisDisplay)) )


It says that an object was expected,but none was given.






Have you passed through something like that? Does anyone know what could be causing those errors?




Thank you.


Best regards.