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How can I add variability with an attribute in AF that begins and ends with certain character, but in between the characters may vary in length?

Question asked by esry on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2020 by bdeslatte

Hello all, I had a question on developing an attribute for my element. I want to keep it generic. The attribute begins with AAAA and ends with BB. However, in between it can have an undetermined amount of characters (Ex: CC, CCC, CCCCC). How can I add this variability when setting my attribute? Thank you for the help.

Edit: I have a lot of PI tags that I want as attributes in my template. The PI tag will begin with FLOW.WATER.PV or it will look like FLOW.OIL.PV. It always begins with FLOW and ends with PV. The difference is the characters may vary in the between these two. I want to create flexibility in my template to find these tags, so that I may list these as attributes.

Edit2: The PI Points follow a format like FLOW.Descriptor1.Descriptor2.PV 
Descriptor1 (D1)can be different type of liquids or gas (Liquid1, Liquid2, Liquid3)
Descriptor2 (D2) can be another description like (discharge, out, etc).
Both descriptors can not exist to produce a PI Point like FLOW.PV or vary in combination FLOW.D1.D2.PV, FLOW.D2.PV This also means the D1 and D2 can vary: Liquid1.Discharge, Liquid1.Out, Liquid2.Discharge, etc

I would like to avoid referencing the internal components, and would like to know if there is a way to only use FLOW and PV to find the PI point as an attribute in my template. These are the items that are consistent.