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Count the time when the expression its true for certain period of time

Question asked by SaraFranco on Mar 19, 2020



I need to know how long a redler has been in stand-by mode using the amperage variable.

It is considered stand-by mode when the amperage has remained at 0 for a period greater than 20 min.

The problem I have is that during normal operation the amperage drops to 0, so I cann't use the TimeEQ function.

I tried to separate the calculation in two parts, first determine when it is a stop according to the condition and then calculate the time.

In processbook the only function that gave me the desired result was the following:

if (nextevent ('REDLER', '*') - PrevEvent ('REDLER', '*'))> 1200 then 0 else 1

However this doesn't work in Performance equations and in processbook I cann't apply one dataset to another dataset.


I hope I could explain myself correctly

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Values of the amperage tag:

Values with the dataset (next-prev)