Number of decimal places with PIPoint.Data.RecordedValues

Discussion created by neilg on Oct 18, 2012
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Hello people of the world,

Is there any way to get the actual value from PI instead of a rounded off value when using the RecordedValues call?

I retrieve the recorded value at a particular timestamp and notice that this is rounded off to 5 decimal places. The value actually in PI has more digits than 5 and I have verified this.

I have changed the displaydigits configuration of the PIPoint and that does not appear to make any difference to the RecordedValues call. I have set it up to 10 and to the bottom limit of -20 as a test but everytime the recordedvalues call gives me back 5 decimal places only.

The first value below is the value from the RecordedValue call and the second one is the actual value in PI which I get via DataLink.






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