Event frame Generation and output expressions

Discussion created by ZARE on Mar 23, 2020
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Hello every body,


I am trying to do the exercise attached below.


To explain the situation, I have a wind farm that contains 50 wind turbines and I would like to generate some event frames according to the condition of rotor's speed as explained in the exercise below.


How i understood the exercise, I have to create an event frame and implement two triggers. First, the start trigger (The attribute Rotor's speed > 90 ) and at last, the end trigger The attribute (Rotor's speed <= 90). Am I right?


After creating those triggers, I have to calculate the average of speed values and the max power generated when the condition is satisfied (I mean during the start and the end of the event frame that I generate).


I tried to use TagAvg(Rotor's speed, StartTime, EndTime) but I don't know how to collect StartTime and EndTime. For this case, I have created two attribute (Date Time) in my event frame template but it doesn't work when I use those attributes (syntaxic error). Is there anyone to help me see clear and give me some tips to solve this exercise?


Thank you for your help!


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