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Can I use same instrument tags from different Point sources?

Question asked by Kiran324 on Mar 24, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2020 by Kiran324

Dear All,


I have a situation here which I have not faced before.


I have a corporate PI server which is connected to various different plant PI servers using PI-PI interfaces.

Two of the plant PI server have similarly named tags used for different purposes.


I intent to use two similar named PI tags from different Plant PI servers as instrument tags and create two different tags in the corporate PI server.

This would mean location1 and point source are different but the instrument tag is same for two differ net PI tag.


Unfortunately, I see the value as "scan off" for one of the tag. I understand if you have two tags with same instrument tag you will get value in one and "Scan off" in the other, but in case where the two tags being used as instrument tags have different point source, is the "scan off" unavoidable.


Appreciate help on this.



Kiran Rao