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UFL Connector 1.3.0 - Wrong address pattern generated

Question asked by a.deca on Mar 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2020 by gmichaud-verreault


I am defining a UFL connector to receive data via REST server mode (listening) from a remote device that sends its measurements in a regular pace (5 mins).

According to the "PI Connector for UFL 1.3 User Guide" the rest address field in the configuration section will be auto-populated with the REST endpoint as:


Unfortunately in my case the address is not generated with the final "/Post" and, therefore, I guess that all POST messages received by the interface are ignored.

No REST authentication or certification is request, so I changed the settings by running the GlobalConfig.ps1 script.

If I push some sample data by the DataPutExample.ps1 scrip, the parsing rules defined in the associated .ini file works as expected but, as mentioned before, the network post messages are not take into consideration by the interface, no http replies send back (checked also by a network monitor), no error or warning message in the interface log section.


For the sake of curiosity I modified the DataPutExample.ps1 forcing the POST method, but I got an "405 Method not allowed" error


Any clue?