Universal Principles of Design

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  • Choose 3 of the design principles listed below and do a little internet research to learn more about them.

Problem Description

  • This a just a sample of the principles that are critical to successful design —no matter what the context. Anyone who creates, designs, engineers, or illustrates will learn invaluable lessons that can take their work to the next level.


  • Choose two principles that you are least familiar with and find out more about them by searching online.
  • How can you apply this principle in designing a better learning experience / environment?
    • Desire lines (tip: search online for “desire lines in web design”)
    • Hick’s Law
    • IKEA effect
    • Scaling fallacy (tip: search online for “scaling fallacy in web design”)
    • Five hat racks
    • Flow (tip: search online for “flow learning theory”)