Workshop Requirements

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  • List the things you’ll need to do before running a workshop at your office or site.

Problem Description

There are a lot of things you need to think about before running a workshop at your company. Some things true of most companies are listed next:

  • A room to present in, containing: a projector, one PC or laptop per attendee with access to necessary software and data, a network path to your PI System server
  • Security access for you and your attendees to your organization’s server
  • A completed workbook printed or published to PDF for each attendee– ensure you print or publish the document without markup or remove the instructor comments before printing for your attendees
  • Prepare AF models, dashboards, use cases
  • (optional, but recommended) attach a PI Tag naming convention document to the end of the workbook, if you have one in your organization
  • Practice leading other sections of the workbook, and make sure you know the content


List out anything you can think of that isn’t covered above.

What else would you need to do before you run this at your company?