Evaluating the workshop

Discussion created by akonstantinidis on Mar 26, 2020


Think of ways you would evaluate the impact of this workshop for your specific workplace (think back to the Kirkpatrick model presented in Section 3.2.5 of the workbook).


Problem Description

Workshops are not “one size fits all”. Everyone uses the PI System differently. Your organization may use PI Vision in a completely different way than we assumed when we put together our learning modules. That’s great! Let us know how you’d change this framework to fit your organization, and why. Your instructor will lead a discussion with the class.



Answer the following questions:

  • It is a good idea to create a handout with your tag naming convention and other details for your attendees. What information would this handout contain for your PI System?
  • Look at the quality assurance checklist (Figure 9) in Section 3.9 of the workbook. What would you add, remove, change to fit your own organization’s needs?
  • How would you measure the effectiveness of a workshop you run?