How to create Tags in PI server ?

Discussion created by Vikrant on Oct 19, 2012
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Using the demo server and vCampus license, is not possible to create tags such that before I release my application to customer, my test team can test using this demo server. I want to create about 10 Float32 type tags and fill some records into it so it can be tested using the application that I have developed.


I have done the following:


Using PI System Management Tools -> Points -> Point Builder, I was trying to create one point with type Float32, but I got following error:


PI-PB> Error creating point Trafo_001 on server LAPTOP-VIKRANT.  Failed to create point on server.  [-12216] Maximum licensed aggregate Point/Module Count exceeded.(FatalError)


Am I doing something wrong out here or the demo server does not allow creation of points or is it my vCampus license limitation ?


I appreciate any help.


Thanks a lot !!!