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    How to create Tags in PI server ?




      Using the demo server and vCampus license, is not possible to create tags such that before I release my application to customer, my test team can test using this demo server. I want to create about 10 Float32 type tags and fill some records into it so it can be tested using the application that I have developed.


      I have done the following:


      Using PI System Management Tools -> Points -> Point Builder, I was trying to create one point with type Float32, but I got following error:


      PI-PB> Error creating point Trafo_001 on server LAPTOP-VIKRANT.  Failed to create point on server.  [-12216] Maximum licensed aggregate Point/Module Count exceeded.(FatalError)


      Am I doing something wrong out here or the demo server does not allow creation of points or is it my vCampus license limitation ?


      I appreciate any help.


      Thanks a lot !!!

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          Can you check the parameter  MaxAggregatePointModuleCount on your PI Server (through SMT) and make sure you are not reaching 10,000?

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              Hi Ahmad,


              Many thanks for your prompt response. I have checked MaxAggregatePointModuleCount and it's status is as follows:


              Total: 10016


              Amount Used: 25


              Amount Left: 9991


              Level: Normal


              End Time: Never


              Please let me know what you find after reading this.


              Thank you again !

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                  Marcos Vainer Loeff

                  Hello Vikrant,


                  Could you please tell us:


                  - The version of your PI Server


                  - The parameter ExpTime (through SMT) which is under: Operation-->Licensing-->General-->ExpTime.


                  I want to check if your license has expired.


                  Best regards,

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                      Hi,  PI Version is: 3.4.385.77 and here's the snapshot of PI version details.




                      The ExpTime is 29-Jul-12 15:45:09


                      Let me know, whether my vCampus Temporary License has expired, and in order to keep my system as well development running what kind of licesnse we will require so that I can ask my customer to get us those required licesnses.


                      I really appreciate your help. THANK YOU.

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                          Ahmad Fattahi

                          You mentioned you are still using the temporary license file. Please follow the instructions on top of vCampus Download Center regarding license file. You will need to use the proper vCampus license file generation mechanism. The temporary license file is just there for convenience; as the name suggests you don't want to rely on that for the long run. You would need to use My License Activation (MLA) to generate a proper license file for the long term.




                          Hope that helps.

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                              Thank you very very much !


                              I almost never generated license from MLA, I had stopped at just generating the msf file. But now having gone through the very nice step by step procedure to generate and install MLA license, I am now at relief because the vCampus license that was allotted to me and my team will last till 28-May-13 13:00:00.


                              So does this mean that now I can create PI Points in server and access them using my .NET app and on the PI SDK installed machine, no further license is necessary ?


                              Thank you !!

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                                  Ahmad Fattahi

                                  You are very welcome and glad it worked well! As long as development goes, you must be all covered until 28-May-13

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                                      Now that I have successfully created one tag using SMT -> Points -> PointBuilder., I have provided source as SINUSOID point. But the tag created does not get values from SINUSOID and always has value as "PtCreated".


                                       As you can see in the following, Source tag is provided as SINUSOID, I believe SINUSOID gets simulated values by a service automatically, and that's what I needed  in order to test my app I needed to write some values to my tag. But like I said, when I go in the Data -> Stale and Bad Points, my tag is listed and the reason is "PtCreated".


                                      Am I missing any configuration ?




                                      Thank you.

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                                          Ahmad Fattahi



                                          I suggest you take a look at the following documents in vCampus Library to see how PI tags are created and what each field means. You can also take a course on PI System Management to familiarize yourself with PI tags. If you face any issues, I suggest you contact our regular Tech Support for immediate support or a possible remote session showing you where the problem is.