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Event frame not getting generated in Real time 

Question asked by Dshah on Mar 26, 2020
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Hi All,


I have configured an event frame with multiple start triggers. Event frames are getting generated correctly with Preview or Back-fill / Recalculate. Somehow in Real time all event frames are not getting generated ( Sometime few child events are getting generated and sometime only parent event is generated). 

AF Version : 2018 SP3 Patch 1.


Here is the sample configuration.


Start Trigger 1 : 'Trail_run_Status' = "Running" and HasValueChanged('Trail_run_Status')

Start Trigger 2: SecSinceChange('Trail_current_step') > 5 and 'Trail_run_Status' = "Running"

End Trigger'Trail_run_Status' <> "Running"


Severity for both start trigger is set to None.

Scheduling: Periodic (1 second) 


I did contact tech support and according to engineer, EFGen will be best fit for this type of event frame. Somehow due to manual mapping of PI tags for each element with EFGen, looking for other options.


Any other recommended solution ?