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PI DA OPC Server

Question asked by MartyWerner on Mar 30, 2020

I have installed the PI OPC DA Server 2018 on my data archive server. I am wanting to expose the data to other 3rd party OPC clients. The one in-particular I am trying to use is AutoSol MBSlave. Basically, i am trying to pull some data out of PI and have that data available for a modbus master to pull the data. 


I have all the DCOM setup as recommended by OSISoft. I can run a test client on the MBSlave computer and pull data but the MBSlave will not receive data (Advise) from the PI server. If I install the MBSlave application on the actual data archive server everything works as planned as far as receiving data. 


I haven't gotten much help from either AutoSol or OSISoft resolving this issue so I am hoping someone out here can give me a hand.