PI Notifications Programatic SMTP Configuration

Discussion created by tsanders on Mar 30, 2020
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Hello all! 


I have a requirement for a project that I can't quite seem to get the answer to, and thought that here is the best place. 


I have a .NET application which is using the AF SDK to talk to our PI System. This application needs to be able to programatically configure the SMTP settings for Notifications. I did find the DeliveryChannel element within the Configuration database with most of the settings, but there are two things I am not able to figure out. 


1. If I set "Basic" authentication instead of "Windows" I will need to set the username and password for the SMTP server. Where would I do this? 

2. The user of the app should be able to test the configuration to ensure it is working, I would prefer to do this through the Notification engine so it is a complete test. How would one trigger a test email from the Notification engine? 


See this thread for an example of the DeliveryChannel element and Auth configuration: PI Notifications SMTPServerAuthMethod