Behaviors of Output in event based triggering

Discussion created by Supriya_Birajdar on Mar 30, 2020
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I have a question related to scheduling of AF analysis .

Few of my analysis are triggering event based.


As shown below:

My input tag is updated  with value 0.4 on 27th March 6:05:46 PM.


Output tag values are shown below: Output change is highlighted in red.

Expression Anaylsis is:

Output= input 1+input2+input 3+input 4

Triggering: any input event triggering

input1 to input 4 are PI tags where value of input1=0.4 and rest of the tags are not updating having value=0


Ideally my "any input-event triggering"should trigger the analysis quickly and produce the output quickly. even though if we consider server performance , we can assume delay of few minutes. However here the delay is of almost 3 hours. What could be possible reasons for that?


Whenever the input tags are updating, output should update immediately and have only one value till the next input comes. However in my case even the input tag is not updating , output tag is still loading with data (updating with same correct value).


Is the analysis triggering dependent on any attribute of that input PI tag as well?


Please let me know if any specific inputs required from my end to answer these questions or any useful article which I can refer here for troubleshooting.


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