Problem getting snapshot values from a PIPoint data reference attribute

Discussion created by bbachiega on Oct 22, 2012
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I am trying to access the value of an attribute from an element in AF. I can see the element, attribute and values when using PSE but when I try to get it programmatically I get an error.


My attribute variable is called "AttributeVar" and it is not null. I can see other properties from it.


          Dim MyValueAttr As New AFValue


                Dim nowTime As AFTime = New AFTime("*")


                attrValue = AttributeVar.GetValue(nowTime)


 This is the error I get when trying to evaluate attrValue.Value


Unable to create the PISDK. PI Data References will not function.




I also tried getting the PIPoint from the "rapipoint" property and get the data directly from the PI Server but it also did not work. Here are the problems:


AttributeName.RawPIPoint  is “Nothing


AttributeName.configstring gives me more than the confistring itself: "\\PISYSTEMNAME?f39f539e-c5cc-4a00-8efe-c8b9a196adb4\PMU-freq-Damp-006.FFT?3361"