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ACE conversion

Question asked by Apurva on Apr 7, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by Apurva

Hi All,


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We were working on moving some existing ACE calculations to PI AF. There are few codes which are simple enough and can be easily moved over to PI AF.

However, there are also few complex ACE codes, which we feel, won't be feasible for AF conversion.

These complex codes are

->quite extensive in length

-> use multiple if-else, do-while, for loops

->write to files


Our customer is interested to get ACE replaced by a newer technology and hence we are looking for alternate options to get this done.

Does anyone have any suggestion of what could be used instead of AF and ACE here?

We are aware that Exele OPCCalc is capable of handling such extensive codes but wish to find out if there is something else apart from AF, ACE or OPCCalc.


Thanks and Take care!