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Event Frame Output Expression grayed out

Question asked by DonKiser on Apr 1, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by sraposo

I have my structure built and have several elements, event frames, etc. already built and working. Now I would like to create output expressions for one of my event frames but the "Output Expression" option is grayed out. I didn't find anything specific as to why this would be disabled.


I am using Pi System Explorer 2016 SP2, The caveat here is that while I am using OSI Pi as my Historian it is branded at FactoryTalk Historian SE from Rockwell. As such I'm somewhat limited in the programs I have access to and the versions I can use/install.


It appears that I will be able to purchase Pi Datalink and the endgame is to create reports showing the event frames and historical data around those events.


Explorer Version

AF SDK Versin

PI AF Server Version



Is the reason it's grayed out a versioning issue?